Third Party Logistics

At BGF terminal, we can save you time and money by acting when needed as a transportation services broker, and finding the most efficient way to move your goods and materials from your door to your customer’s door.

By offering these kinds of third party logistics services, we can handle all the various aspects of storage and freight shipping services for our customers, including all trucking, trans-loading and storage. By using us as your transportation services broker, you receive one bill and have one contact, thereby saving time and aggravation and simultaneously maintaining superior control over your supply chain.

Shipping and storing your materials in bulk increases your product-per-load ratio and reduces your costs. Added up, it all provides a spectrum of capabilities that our customers can leverage to their benefit: rail transloading services, bulk handling, storage and third party logistics. The size and scope of BGF terminal operations ensure that we have the ability to move your products where they need to go, and when they need to go there.

  • One stop turnkey solution for all your logistics needs
  • Recognized trans-load industry leader for developing solutions that maximize your logistics spend
  • Compelling and aggressive pricing structure
  • Innovative solutions and supply chain analysis that fit your requirements