If your business depends on oil, there is no time for worrying about when your supply will arrive. B&G Futures, Inc. delivers petroleum products directly from US refineries to your facility. As an asset-based trading company, we take title of the product before selling it to our customers, in order to ensure we have the oil when you need it. We also handle all logistics, providing delivery with a dedicated fleet of rail cars and trucks. At B&G Futures, Inc., we are proud of our efficiency and great customer service. We strive to achieve the best possible results at competitive prices by combining innovative solutions with purpose and integrity.

B&G Futures, Inc. started out as a one man commodity trading company and has since rapidly grown into a global company capable of supplying its customers with the petroleum products they need all over the world. B&G Futures, Inc. brings a “service first” mentaility to their customers. Our sales team comprised of highly talented and specialized individuals will take the time to learn your needs so that B&G provides you with the best possible service. We are deeply connected to both the markets and the services needed to ensure that your products arrive under the highest quality stardards and on time.